Innovate and develop talent

Corporate Entreprenership in practice

Corporations need a new generation of Entrepreneurial Leaders to gain from the opportunities of change in the upcoming age of digitisation. Where are the bright creative minds who will transform inventions into innovations for your company?
How about a service that brings you both, bold innovation and new entrepreneurial talents?
With The Werk's services for corporates you tackle three challenges simultaneously:

  • Leverage the innovative potential inside your company:
    Employees are valuable sources of innovation. With The Werk's Entrepreneurship Programme you give them both the leeway and the necessary support they need to successfully develop innovations beyond your company's traditional business.
  • Implement methods, structures, and a culture of Entrepreneurial Innovation:
    The Werk's Venture Engineering approach provides you with the three key essential of corporate entrepreneurship:
    • A structured process to enable agile developement of innovative products and new businesses
    • A set of proven methods and principles to enhance the probability of success of new ventures and mitigate the risks inevitably associated with real innovations
    • Both, the transformative energy and the necessary skill set to foster a culture of entrepreneurial innovativeness and responsibility
  • Attract, recruit, and retain bright creative minds who will transform inventions into innovations:
    In our age of digitisation and disruptive innovation companies not only need specialists in their field of competence. They need »T-shaped« people who integrate, for example, high-level engineering skills with business acumen and a strong sense for responsibility.
    Recruiting the best talented is one side of the coin. Here, entrepreneurial innovativeness is a real asset in terms of employer branding. The Steinbeis Steinbeis Fellowship Model gives you an outstanding opportunity to recruit and develop the right talent for your entrepreneurial innovation projects.
    The other side of the coin is employee retention and the development of future entrepreneurial leaders.
    You proof that you trust in your employees when you give them the Chance to build new business on the base of their ideas and inventions. This are rare opportunities in most industries and companies.
    With The Werk's Venture Engineering Process you can »kill two birds with one Stone«: Build new successful business and develop your future entrepreneurial leaders.
Disrupt yourself before others do!