SMT & The Werk
Our programmes provide you with the essentials of successful entrepreneurship. It's about methods and techniques. And it's about personal development – fostering your entrepreneurial attitude and mindset.
Essentially, it's about accompanying you on your way to tangible entrepreneurial success.
Therefore, this course does not mean sitting in an academic class for months or years, playing in the sandbox with other people's cases. This course is about you — your start-up, your company project.
That is: From our experts, you get lots of practical knowledge acquired in years and years in different fields of business and in different high tech industries. To make use of it for your personal project instantly.
And you get more: Personal support when it comes to the question of how to transfer knew learnings into your business.
Well, there is one more thing: Our network of partners and friends...
Some say it's hard to work and study simultaneously. We agree to this explicitly. But to us it feels even harder to fold up promising new business and projects.
Taking part in this course is no guarantee for start-up success. But there is one more thing. Till today there have been more than 4,000 projects realized by Steinbeis School of Management and Technology fellows as part of their project competence degree studies. Some 2‰ have failed.
On this page you'll find some general information on our programme for students.
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If you want to learn about the Master of Business Engineering Entrepreneurship in more detail, please click here.

The Decisive Edge: Career-Integrated Studies

You need practical knowledge now to meet the challenges of your start-up or your corporate innovation project? Than The Werk is perfect for you.
In contrast to other extra-occupational studies, our focus is mainly on integrating your everyday career into your study programme.
Your challenges are highly integrated into the courses. At the same time, the theory learned from the lectures is immediately transferred to hands-on professional work. This guarantees the compatibility of education and practice. In this way, you and the participating start-ups or companies you work for both gain value.
You put the methodological knowledge you've acquired directly into practice – Thereby you generate immediate value for your start-up or the company you're working with.

Power Up Your Success Opportunities – Professional Education Programme

Does it make sense to you to spend two years at a conventional university to boost your start-up and your career as Entrepreneur? You love real life and want to start your start-up now and realize your company project immediately?
With our career-integrated professional and personal education there's no need to postpone your start-up and innovation project, respectively.
Whether it's the Certificate Course or the MBE® Entrepreneurship you continue to work on your projects while completing a state-recognized degree at Steinbeis University Berlin.
So take a closer look at the value the professional education programme delivers:
  1. Fexibility
    The Professional Education Programme contains modular educational offerings, so that you can plan the seminar or study program individually. Modules not attended can simply be taken the next time they are offered.
  2. Qualifications Achieved
    The programmes teach you the latest business knowledge and qualify you for leadership positions.
  3. Knowledge Transfer
    The Project Competence Degree programme is unique in the world and offers you and your start-up and company respectively results-oriented implementation of relevant projects.
  4. First-Class Prospects
    As a graduate of The Werk and Steinbeis University Berlin, a wide range of activities is open to you, in which you would ideally be recommended for future roles in supervisory leadership.
  5. Network
    During your participation, you will benefit from the exchange of information with other entrepreneurs and technical and management professionals. With events and framework programs before, during, and after the study program or seminar, The Werk and SMT promotes a large alumni network and offers you access to the worldwide Steinbeis Network.
  6. Academic Education
    You will have the professional support of lecturers from business, academia, and research and will profit from our contacts with partner companies and SMT's international partner universities.
  7. International
    The seminars at Steinbeis' foreign partner universities allow you to gain professional and personal experience and improve your intercultural and language skills at the same time.

The Fellowship Model

You graduated from an university, college of applied science, and dual university, respectively? You have little or no work experience?
How about graduating from a financed, career-integrated, international master’s programme at Steinbeis University Berlin?
With the fellowship model, you have the opportunity to complete an international and FIBAA-accredited master’s programme and start your career at the same time.

Here is how it works:

  • You graduate from a financed, career-integrated, international, master’s program at Steinbeis University Berlin.
  • Alongside your courses, you work on a relevant project for a start-up or partner company arranged by SCMT.
  • While working on the two-year project, you will receive a salary from SCMT Steinbeis Center of Management and Technology.
  • During your studies, you will attend some seminars at our renowned partner universities abroad, where you will deepen both your linguistic and intercultural competence.

What is the meaning of »Financed«?

For working on the two-year project, you receive a salary from SCMT totalling €42,000.
Travel and lodging costs during the seminars are paid for you.
How does it strike you?

The Application Process

Online Application
Phone Interview
Step #02: We will conduct a skype/phone interview with you.
Aptitude Test
Step #3: You take the aptitude test comprising a personal interview and processing two case studies.
Project Identification
Step #4: Identify and define the project
There are some options:
  • If you have already founded your start-up you may have to determine your role and function with reference to your project competence studies.
  • If you want to found a start-up we can help you to find cofounders and to determine your role and function with reference to your project competence studies.
  • If you want to work in start-up or be part of a corporate Innovation project we jointly identify a project that matches your competencies and aspirations.
Project Sponsor Interview
Step #5: Interview with the project sponsor
If you apply under the fellowship scheme there will be a second interview with the partner start-up and company respectively.
Applies to start-up co-founders:
During this step we finalise the details if your investors support you under the professional education scheme.
Applies to start-up or company employees:
During this step we finalise the details if your employer support you under the professional education scheme.
Agreement and Enrolment
Step #6: When the agreements are signed and the tuition fees are payed the enrolment process is finalized – you can start your Entrepreneurship Project Studies.

Need more detailed information?

If you want to learn about the Certificate Course Entrepreneurship in more detail, please click here.
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